Gwynne Studio - VO - ETC.

Hello everyone, my name is Rei. My real existence resides here on internet, where I can pretty much put all kinds of trash around, and everyone could find me. For all good intent as a warning to anyone who is easily disturbed or expect a kind of consistency to my creations; not all of what I create is equal. So feel free to look the other way if you feel discomfort.

I do what

I usually write short stories, but recently this year I've gotten into a bit of voice acting. though I haven't done any projects. Contact me via email if you want to use my voice.


I might post it in my personal microblog account (if you ever come across one), I don't have a dedicated page for art at the moment.

Let's play videos

I've always wanted to play video games on youtube. So I'll probably do that soon, maybe in my own website.